Seafood week 4TH-11TH OCTOBER 2019

Hello to all our customers,

Seafood Week is run by Seafish, and with their annual seafood week coming up Seasider Seafoods is the best ‘Plaice’ to be    

Here at Seasider Seafoods we love seafood all year round but for this week we’re celebrating these delicious super foods. We’ll be adding these delicious seafood delights to our recipe section each day on our website. As you can see this year we are all about the 'Fish Puns' for fun and will be offering 10% discount in store when the pun fish or seafood product of the day is purchased these are as follows

  • Friday  4th  Oct  Mackerel.. (Return of the ‘Mack’)
  • Saturday  5th  Oct  Prawns.. (Cook me ‘Prawnto’)
  • Sunday  6th  Oct  Plaice.. (Find your happy ‘Plaice’)
  • Monday  7th  Oct  Scallops.. (‘Sear’ious about Scallops)
  • Tuesday  8th  Oct  Mussels.. (Show us your ‘Mussels’)
  • Wednesday  9th  Oct  Hake.. (Flippin ‘Hake’)
  • Thursday  10th  Oct  Crab.. (Grab some ‘Crab’)
  • Friday  11th  Oct  Haddock fish & chips.. (Not just ‘Fry’days)

We would like to inspire you to try something new; whether that’s a yummy new recipe or a variety of seafood you’ve never tried before. It’s time to change the way you ‘sea’ food! We stock a delicious variety of seafood products that are available to purchase online using our click and collect service, you’re also welcome to come and see us in store. Seafood has many nutritional benefits, here’s what we know…

Seafood is full of 'Vitamin Sea', omega-3 Fatty acids and Protein.

Seafood is a great choice for boosting protein, whilst at the same time helping to keep the heart healthy and the blood pressure normal. Fish is the main naturally occurring source of two specific omega-3 fats – DHA and EPA that have been linked to good health and vital for keeping our brain functioning normally and helping us to maintain good vision. Boom!

Some types of shellfish, such as Mussels, Oysters, Squid and Crab are good sources of long-chain omega-3 fatty acids; Shellfish also often contain copper, zinc and iodine. Oily fish are the richest source of long chain omega-3 these include Herring, Pilchards, Salmon, Sardines, Sprats, Trout and Mackerel. We should be aiming to eat one portion a week.

Another benefit to choosing fish is that it comes with a wide range of other vitamins and minerals. Amounts vary depending on the variety but most fish provide phosphorus, selenium and vitamin B12. White fish usually provide potassium and vitamins B3 and B6 white fish include Cod, Haddock, Pollock, Red Mullet, and Tilapia. You can safely eat as much white fish as often as you like, although Sea bream, Seabass, Turbot and Halibut should be limited. Oily fish provides potassium and vitamins B3 and B6. Oily fish are also one of the few naturally rich food sources of vitamin D which is needed for the maintenance of normal bones and teeth, as well as keeping the immune system working normally and the muscles functioning properly.

So why don’t you ‘Mullet’ over then visit us online or in store to find your catch of the day.

Happy fishing!  

From all the staff at

Seasider Seafoods.



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